Accelerating the Secure Design of Application

Roundtable discussion

Accelerating the secure design of applications

How threat modeling shields your assets from inception

Humans have been designing and creating for thousands of years, from the first timber and stone dwellings, to cars, microchips and software. Along the way there have been revolutions and advancements in both what we build and more importantly how we build. It’ so tempting, when we are constructing something new, to think that this time it’s different and the principles of sound construction that went before no longer apply. Nowhere is this type of thinking more prevalent than in software development and software security. 

In this small group session our esteemed speakers and guests will discuss the principles and strategies their organizations apply to build secure software.


Brian Levine

Senior Director Product Security & Cloud Security at Axway

Portrait Photo of Stephen de Vries

Stephen de Vries

CEO & Founder at 

Philip Martin

Chief Information Security Officer at Coinbase

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