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Threat Modeling With IriusRisk &

IriusRisk, the industry leading Threat Modeling platform now includes native functionality to bring best-in-class architectural diagramming to your threat models. offers a rich diagramming experience and the ability to import external diagrams.

  • IriusRisk enables:
  • A self-service approach to secure design for non-security experts. It automatically generates a list of threats and detailed, prescriptive countermeasures actionable by engineering teams.
  • Two-way Jira sync where issues are not only created, but also updated back in the threat model. This allows the security team a near real-time view of the progress of the countermeasures.
  • Scaling Threat Modeling from a limited security-only activity, to being distributed throughout all the stakeholders in the SDLC. 



How to leverage enabling remote threat modeling and collaboration with distributed teams

How to measureview respond to Appsec risk throughout the SDLC

How to perform application risk analysis and architectural security binding security teams and developers

How to create a threat model and derive security requirements in minutes

Presented by Stephen de Vries 
Co-founder and CEO at Iriusrisk 

He started his career as a C, C++ and Java developer, moving into security operations and then software security. 

An active contributor to a number of OWASP projects, he has helped FTSE 100 companies build security into their development processes through threat modeling and integrated security testing.

Since 2015, he is helping large Enterprises implement threat modeling at scale with Iriusrisk.

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